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The Story Behind the Logo

This logo is very special to me because it was the first logo I had sketched and an architect did the final touches on it for me when our church was starting a Bible Study group in a tavern in Wisconsin.

If you look closely at the boat you will see that it has a challenge it cannot win or, if it does survive, all will be tattered and beaten.  Read Matthew 14:22-33, Mark 6: 45-52 and John 6:14-21.  These three men record a remarkable story.  If the Holy Spirit moves you He will give you insight in days and weeks to come.  There are at least 5 studies that can impact your vision, your direction, your walk, and inspire you to no return.  My favorite is that Jesus calmed the storm and, you guessed it, they did not have to fight the world, or code, or whatever any more.  They just had to figure out who this Jesus is.  He’s more than they once comprehended.  Each man in that boat changed the world, but one of them changed me the day God opened my eyes.  Do I want to play it safe and stay in the boat or step out onto the water and walk and join Jesus?  Well, what about you, where do you want to go?  Notice the light in the logo; who is directing your path?  I hope you will see the Son of God as I do and you will walk to the Light, Psalm 119:105 and the living water John 4:14 and John 7:37 you will thirst no more nor be blind again.  I see!

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