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Scheduling & Class Policies:

 A/V Requirements

Classes are conducted using PowerPoint presentations. The sponsoring organization is responsible for providing an LCD projector and screen for the presentation. Instructor will provide a laptop. If the sponsor is not able to provide an LCD projector, arrangements with instructor can be made to provide one. A lapel microphone should be provided by the sponsoring organization for large rooms.

Room Arrangements

It is preferred that conference room be set up with tables that allow students to be able to use their code books in conjunction with the seminar material.

Seminar Material

Seminar material will be provided to the sponsoring organization to reproduce for the attendees. This seminar material shall not be reproduced for use outside of the conducted classes. It is preferred the sponsoring organization place a maximum of 2 (two) slides per page.

Travel Arrangements

Instructor will make all of his travel arrangements. It is requested that the sponsoring organization provide the name and reservation information of the hotel where seminars will be held. If the seminar is not held in a hotel, the sponsoring organization is asked to provide a list of nearby hotels.

Cancellation Policy

Instructor will charge for losses incurred (i.e.) non-refundable airline tickets, hotel rooms, etc. If no out-of-pocket expenses have been incurred, then no cancellation fee will be charged. Fees will be due upon receipt of the invoice.

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